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Lindemann Tree Service - Commercial and Residential Tree Service - Certified Arborists

Serving Brevard County, FL for Over 40 Years - Licensed and Insured
We do it right the first time. Safely. - Family Owned and Operated

Our experienced tree service technicians can perform all of your tree service needs. With over 40 years of experience, our owner operated, award winning tree service will make sure the job is done correctly and on time. No job is too small or large for our crew.

Finding a reliable tree service with professional arborists can be a chore. If you hire a company that is not professional and experienced, your trees and landscaping can be left looking terrible.

How do you find the right tree service company?

You've found us! We have over 40 years of experience and we guarantee our customer's satisfaction. We offer a wide range of tree services to the Brevard County area. Our work stands for itself and our loyal customers can prove it!

Keeping your trees healthy is important.

There are many reasons why hiring an experienced tree service company can benefit you and your property. Neglected trees or improperly trimmed trees can harm a landscape in many ways. The most obvious reason is the appearance, but untrimmed trees can pose serious dangers and liability. If a limb falls on your property and injures someone, you may be liable and that person could file a lawsuit against you. Also, trees affect the growth of grass and could cause major issues if they grew into power lines or your business or home.

Why do I need a professional tree service?

Trimming trees can be very dangerous. The larger the tree, the more difficult it is to maintain or remove. Lindemann Tree Service has the professional team and the right tools to get the job done safely and correctly the first time.

What is an Arborist?

An arborist (Tree Surgeon) is a professional who has studied arboriculture (cultivation, management, and the study of individual shrubs, trees, vines and other woody plants). An arborist focuses on the health and safety of your trees and plants.

We carefully access the situation before performing our work. Taking more than just the trees into account, we also take the surrounding plants and landscape into consideration.

Do I need tree trimming service?

If you're not sure, we offer free estimates. We will evaluate your property and the health of your trees, your landscape and give our honest and professional opinion about whether our services can benefit your property.

Services Offered by Lindemann Tree Service: