Services Offered by Lindemann Tree Service:

Tree Trimming, Thinning, Pruning and Shaping

Trimming your trees will keep your trees healthy. Pruning by removing diseased, broken or dead branches prevents the growth of fungus and decay that could infect other areas of your trees.

Exposure to sunlight and the airflow is also important to your tree's health, which sometimes requires trimming off live limbs.

Thinning may be required on larger trees to reduce wind sail. This allows wind to flow through the tree without the risk of the tree blowing over.

Need to make your trees more aesthetically pleasing? We can shape your trees to improve the look of your landscaping.

It is very important that the tree is trimmed properly to ensure the proper growth, health and appearance of your tree. If you want it done right, the first time, call us today!

Tree Removal

Lindemann Tree Service can remove any tree on your property. Large trees, small trees even trees in tight spaces. We have the professionally trained personnel and top-quality machinery and equipment to get the job done right, ensuring the safety of your family, home and/or business.

If you see signs of internal decay such as, mushrooms, termites, or large cracks that may compromise the structure of the tree, it's time to get that tree removed. Letting a severely damaged tree stay up can put your home, family or business in serious jeopardy! Call us if you see any of the mentioned signs of a defective tree!

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Do you have an unsightly tree stump you need removed? Let Lindemann Tree Service help you!

The stump can be ground down below the surface, out of sight or completely removed. If you are planning on re-planting or building in the area, please let us know your intentions so we can plan a full stump removal, leaving your property ready for new growth or building foundation.

We will remove any size of tree stump, anywhere on your property. We can even leave the wood chips from the removal for you to use as mulch!

Tree Cabling

Are you worried about a weak branches falling but don't want to trim them off? We offer tree cabling service! Tree cabling is intended to reduce the risk of failure of those weak limbs, limiting the movement of the supported branches due to storms and high winds.

Tree cabling should only be installed after a thorough inspection and analysis done by our certified arborists. Contact us for a free analysis and quote!

Emergency Service

We're here to help! Call us if you have any tree emergency!

Hurricane Preparation

It's very important to prepare your trees for hurricanes to reduce the risk of downed trees taking out power lines, your home and putting your family or business in danger. Protect your family's safety and be prepared!

We can prepare your trees for hurricane season by pruning and trimming to allow proper airflow and spacing between trees and their limbs. Your trees will be much more likely to survive a hurricane when our professional tree service personnel prepares them them the right way.

Tree Lifting (Crown Lifting)

Tree lifting (or crown lifting) involves removing the lower branches to a given height. If you have low hanging limbs obstructing your view or getting in the way of walkways, driveways or your yard, give us a call and we will "lift" your tree!

We also offer the following services. (Call us for more information)

Bucket Truck • Grapple Truck • Crane Service